Lecture-Presentation 10.00-13.00. 12 May
Mandeep Raikhy will be unfolding his research on the subject of WRESTLING WITH THE CONTEMPORARY. How does the realm of the contemporary get shaped in the Indian context? And what are the various tensions and forces that form this ecology? How does one begin to locate questions around form, identity and dissent in contemporary practice? Finally, what are the points of shift, pause, discontinuity or rupture in dance in India?

This Lecture-Presentation will focus on Mandeep’s choreographic practice and Gati Dance Forum’s projects over the last ten years.

Panel Discussion 14.00
Mandeep Raikhy will join Bernice Lee, Chloe Chotrani, Nirmala Seshadri and Soutari Amin Farid in a conversation responding to the following provocation questions: How do we continue to speak about Asian-ness in dance today? In claiming an Asian identity, what is at stake and which agendas are we validating? What are some choreographic strategies to navigate the landscapes of aesthetics, politics and/or the art market, which remains significantly dominated by the West?

These critical responses will be followed by an open discussion to map out strategies for approaching multiculturalism in dance in Singapore.

About the Artist.
Mandeep Raikhy is a dance practitioner based in New Delhi. He trained at Trinity Laban and worked with Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company (London) for several years. Mandeep has created and toured extensively many of his dance works, notably Inhabited Geometry (2010), a male ant has straight antennae (2013) and Queen-size (2016). Mandeep is a co-founder of Ignite Dance Festival and has been the Managing Director of Gati Dance Forum since 2009. Gati Dance Forum is a pioneering arts initiative that supports training and networking opportunities for contemporary dance in the Indian sub-continent.

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