Dance Nucleus is delighted to present SCOPE #3 on 21 and 22 September with a range of Associate Members and international artists. SCOPE is a platform for dance artists and non-dance artists to come together and support one another by engaging in critical discourse with one another. Various artists will each host a 1-hour long session, which can consist of anything from screenings, jams, readings, or showing works-in-progress.

21 September: At 13.00 Daniel Kok presents ‘The Rules of Engagement’, at 14.00 Ayu Permata Sari presents a work-in-progress and Soultari Amin Farid presents ‘Waspada: Fieldnotes of a Dance Scholar’ at 15.00. From 17.00 Chloe Chotrani brings ‘Talking Third Circle’ at 18.00 Lee Mun Wai & Lee Ren Xin present ‘There is Speficifisfety’ and the evening will close at 19.00 with Pat Toh performing ‘The Map’.

22 September: At 14.00 Shanice Stanislau will share ‘The Exhausted Body’ and at 15.00 Mohd Fauzi bin Amirudin will present ‘BLURRED’, from 16.00 Sharda Maxine will present a work-in-progress and at 17.00 Joao & Petra will open the session with ‘Installation in resonance of the Heart and Lungs workshop’. Ming Poon returns to Singapore to present ‘Unison’ at 18.00 and closing the night Norhaizad Adam presents ‘Polyptych’ at 19.00.

Dance Nucleus warmly welcomes you to join us at SCOPE #3 a free of charge event. If interested, please email

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